It’s like a scene from a movie where everything stops and the only person you can see is that person who caught your attention.  We often ask ourselves if we are really serious about the current relationship that we have, would this be a sign of love or just simple infatuation.


We are always victims of expecting too much on our present relationship, working too hard to let everything work out, but sadly sometimes even we’ve given our all, there are times when we get nervous and curious whether it is all worth it or you’re just enjoying the feeling of being loved.  Listed below are few of the things to check if you are deeply in love:


His Presence

You are in love when you always want to see your partner, that a week or two without seeing him makes you feel weak. Nothing could explain that mix of emotion you have when you get to see him, you fancy late night imaginations of you with him travelling to places you want to go. The things you see around you often times make you remember those moments you have, that despite not being together at the moment, you feel his presence through the memories that keeps on flashing on your mind.  His presence is indescribable, something you wouldn’t feel with anybody else, the thought of him makes you happy, and no tome is too long for you; you could see yourself spending your whole life with him.


He Is Your Morning Burst Of Sunshine

You are definitely in love with the person, if he is the first person you’d think of when you wake up in the morning.  Even you are still half asleep, this person sneaks into your mind and plays in your dreams. You consider him as a morning pill that despite the back aches, just by imagining him close to you, you’ll feel better. You can’t pass an hour after waking up without texting him or sending him a morning greeting online; he is one of the “must” you have to attend to every morning.

Comfy Lovey

If you are in love, you are not afraid to show it, not even intimidated even others might see your sweet gestures. You are happy making him happy, you care less about people saying that it’ll take your class away; you are focused on “Me and Him against the World”.


When You Became Another Person

You are deeply in love if you are able to change the not so good habits that you have; you unconsciously change your attitude and became a better person.  The way you look at things might change; how you react to situations and how you interact with other people. Slowly you become someone you thought would be impossible, the way you dress, your facial expression, the words that you use, your hobbies, and even your preference. You get to become a better version of you just because you are in love, happy, and you wanted to be the best person for that special man.


Growing Older Is No Big Deal

There is no greater measure of being in love than imagining yourself growing old with that person. You don’t care looking at each other with  wrinkled faces, what matters most for you is that you’ve created the most amazing days of your life with someone you love the most. You are not afraid of getting old because you see yourself happy and satisfied going through all those old-age agonies and laughing out arthritis pains.