The Stereotypical Freaks Howard Shapiro

Four disparate high school seniors come together to compete in their school’s battle of the bands. Sharing a love for playing rock and roll, the members name the band “The Stereotypical Freaks” because they feel stereotyped by their classmates – smart kid, geek, star athlete and quiet weirdo… when in fact they know they are much more than those labels that have been placed on them. Interesting right? Play wolf legend megaways slot now and win the jackpot prize! 

When one member reveals life altering news, winning the competition takes on more of a meaning to each member. Scared and angry, upset and yet still with a lot of resolve they set out to win one for the good guys… will they?

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Hockey Days

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Destructo Boy & Spillerella


Hanukkah Counts Too!

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Hockey Days
Destructo Boy & Spillerella
Hanukkah Counts Too!

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The World of Online Slots and Gambling

The World of Online Slots and Gambling

If there is an industry that has witnessed some tremendous change in operations, it the gambling industry. Gambling has been a physical activity for a long time, carried out anywhere at any time. It could be a verbal agreement among two people to place a bet on an...

Surviving Wildfire

Surviving Wildfire

Surviving a wildfire is not easy; effects of forest fires or wildfires cause hundreds of death in different countries.  It does not just kill humans but also the land and hundreds of people die because of its effects.  So when you are In the middle of the forest and...

Decoding Men’s Gestures on First Dates

Decoding Men’s Gestures on First Dates

You’re on your first date and you feel all the butterflies coming in to your stomach; wondering if his fierce look towards you means a good or a bad thing. We have all those uncertainties when we are on a first date, most of the time, we worry ourselves on the little...


What People Are Saying About My Design Work

Tupelo doesn’t have the Chanukah spirit this year. All her friends are getting ready for Christmas, singing carols and putting up Christmas trees.

It’s not fair, Tupelo thinks, why does she have to be different from everybody else?

“I just wished we celebrated Christmas like just about everyone else in the world,” she tells her mother, father, brother and cousin, Ron, the cool guy in the dark clothes who wears his sunglasses even in the house. “All we do on Christmas Day is eat at a Chinese restaurant.”

Does Tupelo’s story sound familiar? Maybe you feel this way, or one of your best friends does?

Kelly Carter

Tom is clumsy and sister Tupelo spills everything. Their parents nickname them Destructo Boy and Spilleralla. A bully on the school bus hears their names called out by their mom when they leave for school He begins to tease and deride them One day Tom lets him know that they are happy and proud with whom they are The author has an excellent non-violent way of dealing with bullies This is an excellent book for anger management and self worth problems. We rated it four hearts.
Dawn M. Landrum

In the Talmud, the traditional book of Jewish law and custom, it states, “Whoever teaches his son teaches not only his son but also his son’s son, and so on to the end of generations.”

Howard Shapiro didn’t have anything quite that deep on his mind when he set out to teach his 6-year-old Catholic sons about Hanukkah, but in doing so he may have upheld that Talmudic tenet, however inadvertently.

“I took the kids to the library to find a Hanukkah book and couldn’t find any at the Carnegie library that weren’t like 20 or 30 years old, so I figured I’d try and write one,” Shapiro, of Moon, explained.

Dan Gigler Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Coraopolis author Howard Shapiro ( likes to help kids deal with the hard stuff that he remembers suffering through — like being bullied, the topic of his latest book, Destructo Boy & Spillerella… We Are Who We Are! ($9.95, at local bookstores, through Amazon or Trafford Publishing, paperback). The story, presented in a comic/graphic-novel style, is about 8 year-old-twins Tom and Tupelo, who were given nick-names (Destructo Boy and Spillerella) for their foibles. When the school bully learns the nicknames, though, he meanly uses them to tease the twins.
Roberta Mintz Levine

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The World of Online Slots and Gambling

The World of Online Slots and Gambling

If there is an industry that has witnessed some tremendous change in operations, it the gambling industry. Gambling has been a physical activity for a long time, carried out anywhere at any time. It could be a verbal agreement among two people to place a bet on an event or a physical activity. Slot machines could also be used for gambling.However, with set-up of online slot websites, many industries have resorted to online trade, including the gambling industry.

Casinos have jumped onto the online world, by making it possible to have online slots. Sports betting is no longer a business of buying betting tickets, all the odds are available online. This phenomenon has revolutionized the gambling industry into one of the highest income generating online platforms. Taking advantage of the growing online community, gambling industries have experienced exponential growth.

How Do You Participate In Online Slots and Gambling?

First, you must be over 18 years old. This is a requirement that most slots and gambling sites insist on. Even though there are no defined means to confirm a person’s age, it is a mandatory requirement.

After identifying which activity, you want to gamble on, you visit the online site for the service providers of that activity.

You will register as a new user by filling your details, usually a username, a password, an email address and date of birth. Once you click on the submit or sign up button, you will follow a series of instructions to verify your details. You will log in as a registered user and just like that, you are already a participant. Just like you are a participant in a drama club somewhere.

casino world


You do understand that with betting there must be a stake, i.e. what are you expecting a return on? Gambling transactions are carried out through online intermediary sites that offer financial services, say PayPal or Google Wallet.

Once your account is linked to your online profile, you can transfer funds to and from the gambling site. That is when you get your winnings.


How do you play?

Playing is relatively easy, the whole environment is controlled by a computer system. For online gaming, there are a number of events that can be gambled on. There are spin machines which automatically spin once you key in your stake.

With sports gambling, all odds covering a wide variety of possibilities of events are availed on the betting sites. Once you pick your odds, you key in your stake and your possible winnings are shown to you. You then confirm your bet and wait for the results. In both gambling scenarios, winnings are automatically updated to your account. You can then make withdrawals as you wish.


Online gaming and gambling are generally safer than their physical counterparts. There are no incidences of cheating or blackmail since a participant is virtually in control of the whole process.

However, you should be careful. Online slots and gambling have become a platform for fraudulent activities. You should use a highly reputable site to avoid this problem. Gambling is addictive and as most gambling sites advice, I also advise you to gamble responsibly.…

Surviving Wildfire

Surviving Wildfire

Surviving a wildfire is not easy; effects of forest fires or wildfires cause hundreds of death in different countries.  It does not just kill humans but also the land and hundreds of people die because of its effects.  So when you are In the middle of the forest and happened to be near a wildfire; all you have to do is to vacate the place and go to the nearest safest place.


Wildfires are as dangerous as any fire may it be manmade or natural; health problems may arise due its effect. There are several health conditions that may arise if you happened to be a victim of wildfires; some of it may even cause death due to suffocation and inhaling gases from wildfires. Return Homepage.





Decoding Men’s Gestures on First Dates

Decoding Men’s Gestures on First Dates

You’re on your first date and you feel all the butterflies coming in to your stomach; wondering if his fierce look towards you means a good or a bad thing. We have all those uncertainties when we are on a first date, most of the time, we worry ourselves on the little things that happen during that special moment and we miss the good things that should have happened.

Well, it’s understandable that we all want to play guru; we think that we knew what our date meant when he tries to touch his lips while you talk, but do you really understand his moves or you’re basing it on your own perspective? Put your gut-feel in to test and see if you could understand “the moves”.

Here’s the answers from men themselves, what do their moves mean on first dates.

We do Dress to Impress

Contrary to what women thought, even men tidies up to impress their date. If you see them all neat and impressive, then he had thrown an effort to look good on your eyes. Men said that if a woman gets them to dress even just a level neater than how they usually are, then he’s into you.

The First Impression

How did he approach you? Was he giving you a “meh” kind of feels like he wants to be on other places than to spend that day with you? Men decoded that when they see the woman they like, they would feel shy or blushy but never tired nor lazy – so when he’s so weak towards you, it doesn’t mean he’s overwhelmed by your beauty, it actually might mean the opposite.

Lifting Eyebrows while You Talk

When women do the brow lifting while men talk, it might mean a bad thing, but as confessed by men; when they lift their brows while you talk it means they are trying to get a wider view of something that captivated them. You might have said something that is adorable but they need to contain themselves or you just simply fascinate them and it’s making them felt giddy.


Is he rocking back and forth? Before you over-react, make sure that you’re not triggering him to do so; ask yourself, are you intimidating him? Are you being too cocky? Or you’re too heavy to handle. Men said that sometimes when women are getting out of their boxes it could mean two things, they’ll be too real or unimaginable. Though they said there is an exception – when men had taken a glass or two of alcohol, then rocking back and forth needs no explaining at all.


Fidgeting on His Seat

Turning or squirming on his seat? It may mean that he is hiding something; it might be a cue that he’s getting sexually excited or he is in a situation that makes him want to run away. But how could you know which is which? Look for other signs – look in to his eyes and you’ll find the answer.

The Hair Fix

Just like how women would fix their hair when they want to look good for someone, men also do that with the same intention. However, how they’d fix their hair could mean another thing. If he fixes his hair with his attention focused towards you and is smiling, it means he wants your attention. If he is fixing it as he approach you or as you are approaching, it means he’s worried about how he looks and how’d you see him; telling him that he looks great would give him a tiny spark of confidence.

Playing the Mime Game

Speechless? Well, the thing is, when men is having a hard time to express his likeness, he uses his hands to send the signals. When men does this, it means he is really trying to get connected with you, he wanted to keep talking but due to some reasons he can’t just pick a word and say something. These men are good communicators; they’ll try to tell you what they wanted to say even if they’re out of words.

The V-Men

Is he one of those jokes who love to stare at you with their legs wide apart? If you’re into that type of relationships then you’re good to go, but experts says, if you want a serious, decent, not for one night kind of relationship then you would need to run. These men won’t settle for stare or a kiss goodnight – you know they want something more than that and that’s actually the only thing they wanted. A man who is in to you would act to be likable to keep you; they will not do anything that would creep you out.…

Facts about Golden Retriever

Facts about Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are not just pets; they are companions. They are born watchers and has a friendly aura that makes them the most beloved breed among dogs. Golden Retrievers are the cutest dogs and has a puppy attitude until it turns 3 years, they are considered as one of the smartest dogs.


It is essential that we have firsthand information about our pets because we consider them as a part of the family; they became our comforters and protectors. Golden Retriever are smart and they are often used for rescue, they have a good sense of smell and could be trained. Golden Retrievers are one of the best dog watchers and often starred in movies. Here is a video showing facts about Golden Retriever.…

Basic Troubleshooting for Your Dehumidifier

Basic Troubleshooting for Your Dehumidifier

Some people stay away from purchasing machines for their homes even if it means protecting themselves from illness. One of the reasons they have is the burdensome payments that would occur when it starts to function differently. One of the most popular household machines that aim healthy living is the dehumidifier. It is created to act as an air-condition unit as well as a good filter for a cleaner air.

Sometimes there will be instances that you may need a help from a professional to resolve a certain problem on how to troubleshoot your dehumidifier, but there are things that you could troubleshoot by yourself to cut-off the costs of check-ups or service fees. You just need the right idea on how to do it, take these examples as your reference.

No Air is Coming Out

There are instances that you feel the dehumidifier is not giving you any cool air at all though the light indicators are on. When this occurs, the highest possibility is that the fan motor might be burned out. The best way to solve it is to replace it with a new fan motor.

Low Water Levels

If the unit is alarming that it is low on water or if there is no water at all, the first thing to do is to clean the unit and its filters then check if the problem is solved. If situations like this often happens, or if the water easily dries out despite high humidity, try adjusting the humidistat or the drier settings. However, if the water collection tank is not increasing but the unit is running, there must be something wrong with the refrigeration system.


Frosted Coils

At the back of the dehumidifier you will find coils that made up the evaporator, and it often occur that condensation takes place on these coils. If your dehumidifier coils are frozen, the air in the area is likely to be too cold. It is advised that you turn off the dehumidifier to allow the heat to develop and melt the ice. You might also want to consider transferring it to higher locations, but if the same problem keeps happening, it may be better for you to replace it with a dehumidifier for colder temperatures.

When It Suddenly Stops

If your dehumidifier stops but its light indicators are on, it simply means that your water collection tank might be full and you should empty it up. However, if it happened but the water collection tank is not yet full, it might be due to the wrong positioning of the water tank. Reposition the tank or push the tank alarm button to solve the issue.

Though we have an option to call someone to do it for us, it would be better if we try to resolve it first by ourselves, of course with the proper knowledge on how to do it. Dehumidifier is a great help for health conscious families, it would protect you from illness or complications especially with regards to your respiratory. Maintaining it and troubleshooting it right away will extend its machine life allowing your family to enjoy a longer protection from dangers on your air.…

Finding the Right One and the Process of Moving On

Finding the Right One and the Process of Moving On

Before we go deeper, let’s start from the beginning when we first have to find ourselves. Considering that we are looking for potential partner we should also consider ourselves as the subject; discover  yourself first and ask yourself  Simple questions such as what is  favorite color?, your favorite food?, what keeps you busy?  You first need to identify who you are and the things that matters; you need to understand yourself first before others, just always remember that in a relationship the word “right” doesn’t mean “perfect” it is always a “trial and error” method. Though you get to meet someone who could be “potential” person there is no guarantee that whether he would be the person you’ll end up with.


When you think you already found the “right” one, don’t ground yourself to the happy feeling you’re experiencing, keep yourself open to all possibilities; like not actually ending up together. Be ready, sometime you have to think negatively to avoid further emotional damage. So even you are in the middle of a fairytale and so much inlove try imagining yourself getting hurt or have a taste of disappointment; and when that sinks in it would be easy for you to adjust and move on if time comes.


The Process of Moving On

We all get hurt at times, but the most memorable one are the ones that we least expect.  Less expectation, less frustrations.  Listed below are the stages of moving on and how to deal with it.


Why Did It Happen

After a break up we often ask questions why and how did it happen. We keep on asking ourselves the same thing over and over again. Desperate to find answers we sometimes tend to ask ex’s of what really causes the break-up.  This is the hardest part, because no matter how painful the truth would be, there is only one thing you can do; DEAL WITH IT.


The Denial

After a not so good conversation with ex’s the pain follows, in this stage you already have heard all he or she has to say; from your first fight up to the things he/she said you did but actually never happened.  The past will be dug out of the coffin and the things that didn’t matter before are making a huge scene on the break-up.


You would ask yourself if it’s really you who caused everything, you can’t stop thinking if you have done something wrong. The pain aggravates as you recall everything, and slowly you realize that there’s nothing wrong with you; you have done your part it’s just that it was never enough for him/her. – andits not your fault, it’s their loss.



Anger is the aftermath of all the efforts you’ve done that turns into nothing.  In this stage you would hate the fact that you have wasted your time on winning him/her back and adds to the frustration that you are still broken hearted. You will soon realize that he/she are the one to blame; you look at your past relationship as a total waste of time and that you should’ve never met him/her.


Acceptance and Moving On

The bright side of every broken hearts is that it has the capacity to heal itself, but it is up to you whether you’ll end up better or bitter. So when you are hurt right now feeling down and helpless, just look at the brighter side and remember that things happen for a reason; when a door closes, another one will open for you. As what they say, you’ll never have the chance to experience better things if you won’t let go of the wrong ones. In the first place, if both of you really see each other as that someone they want to grow old with, with all your effort you should’ve done everything to make things work.


“Someday, you’ll meet that person that would make you understand why all those past relationships didn’t work out”.


How Will You Know If You are Deeply in Love

How Will You Know If You are Deeply in Love

It’s like a scene from a movie where everything stops and the only person you can see is that person who caught your attention.  We often ask ourselves if we are really serious about the current relationship that we have, would this be a sign of love or just simple infatuation.


We are always victims of expecting too much on our present relationship, working too hard to let everything work out, but sadly sometimes even we’ve given our all, there are times when we get nervous and curious whether it is all worth it or you’re just enjoying the feeling of being loved.  Listed below are few of the things to check if you are deeply in love:


His Presence

You are in love when you always want to see your partner, that a week or two without seeing him makes you feel weak. Nothing could explain that mix of emotion you have when you get to see him, you fancy late night imaginations of you with him travelling to places you want to go. The things you see around you often times make you remember those moments you have, that despite not being together at the moment, you feel his presence through the memories that keeps on flashing on your mind.  His presence is indescribable, something you wouldn’t feel with anybody else, the thought of him makes you happy, and no tome is too long for you; you could see yourself spending your whole life with him.


He Is Your Morning Burst Of Sunshine

You are definitely in love with the person, if he is the first person you’d think of when you wake up in the morning.  Even you are still half asleep, this person sneaks into your mind and plays in your dreams. You consider him as a morning pill that despite the back aches, just by imagining him close to you, you’ll feel better. You can’t pass an hour after waking up without texting him or sending him a morning greeting online; he is one of the “must” you have to attend to every morning.

Comfy Lovey

If you are in love, you are not afraid to show it, not even intimidated even others might see your sweet gestures. You are happy making him happy, you care less about people saying that it’ll take your class away; you are focused on “Me and Him against the World”.


When You Became Another Person

You are deeply in love if you are able to change the not so good habits that you have; you unconsciously change your attitude and became a better person.  The way you look at things might change; how you react to situations and how you interact with other people. Slowly you become someone you thought would be impossible, the way you dress, your facial expression, the words that you use, your hobbies, and even your preference. You get to become a better version of you just because you are in love, happy, and you wanted to be the best person for that special man.


Growing Older Is No Big Deal

There is no greater measure of being in love than imagining yourself growing old with that person. You don’t care looking at each other with  wrinkled faces, what matters most for you is that you’ve created the most amazing days of your life with someone you love the most. You are not afraid of getting old because you see yourself happy and satisfied going through all those old-age agonies and laughing out arthritis pains.


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